Carl Tepper for Chairman

Lubbock County Republican Party

Carl has a long history of grassroots activism in the Republican Party. Additionally, he has inserted a small government philosophy into a variety of civic volunteer efforts. Over the last 20 years, Carl has served effectively in numerous Republican Party and civic roles, including:


  • Vice-Chairman, Lubbock County Republican Party;
  • Precinct Chairman, Lubbock County Republican Party;
  • Delegate and committee member to many county and state GOP conventions;
  • Vice-Chairman - Texas Tech College Republicans;
  • Member - Young Republicans of Texas;
  • In addition, he has been a volunteer on many political campaigns and on a variety of municipal and charitable boards and commissions.

Carl is married to Robyn Tepper and the father of Claudia Tepper.  Robyn is the former Executive Director of the Texas Federation of Republican Women.  She is currently the District Director for Rep Charles Perry of the 83rd District of the Texas House of Representatives. 

Claudia has a new profession as an academic in kindergarten. 

The C-130 Hercules is the workhorse of the USAF.  Carl was a crewmember "Flight Engineer" during the Persian Gulf War.  The aircraft is used to airdrop troops and equipment, medevac the wounded, and carry general cargo.  In total we were proud to defend America and spread freedom around the world.


We support the new generation of military who are as talented as any American force ever to wear the uniform.